Dr. Keith Buggs, DDS

Dentist/Director of Oral Health

Dr. Keith Buggs is the Director of Oral Health at HEALing Community Center.  As a personal and professional goal, he hopes to help build a network of dental clinics to help serve poor and underserved populations.  In addition to his role at HEALing, he currently serves as adjunct faculty at the Medical College of Georgia Dental School, the Atlanta Area Tech Hygiene School, UEI School of Dental Assisting, and Tufts University Dental School.

Dr. Buggs was born and raised in Sylvania, GA.  He received his B.S. in Biology from Paine College, an Associate’s Degree in Dental Tech from the Medical College of Georgia and his DDS from MeHarry Medical College in Nashville, TN.

Outside of work, Dr. Buggs has participated in two out of country mission trips. He also enjoys golfing, coaching youth basketball, and participating in numerous church activities.